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The Most Progressive Company

For the future partner

Since its inception, the company has been striving to attract and sign up for long-term partnerships with customers in the marketplace with whom we share common values, both personally and in business, not just in business, but in building friendly relationships with existing and future partners.

We will give you a small overview of our services to new / potential customers at the start of the partnership.
• We answer questions from the customer in a timely manner.
• In agreement with you, we offer several types of cargo transportation.
• We formulate all the necessary documents in official and legal terms.
• Provide cargo location status by email and telephone communication.
• We set flexible and individual payment terms.
• High privacy.

For us, the opinion or remark of any customer is important, it is this policy that allows us to develop the company properly, which in the future will allow us to establish not only business but also friendly relations with you, which will be based on trust and honesty.

If you are interested, please contact us, we are always ready to cooperate with you.

Your cargo – our Transportation.

Why Choose Us

Because your cargo is important to us!


We value our customer time and offer the best planning for each project individually, in agreement with you we go to the ideal service that is a dream come true for all customers, which means unloading and timely transportation of cargo.


effectiveness and minimization — With the help of our team, transporting your cargo will be not only safe but also economical financially, which is literally beneficial for your business.

International Partnership Network

With the help of our fleet and our partners, you will always receive the highest quality service from anywhere in the world, with constant cargo handling and status notification.


Our team’s niche is experience and professionalism.


We do not create problems, we offer solutions, quickly and efficiently, based on decency.

Cargo Solutions Ltd

Your cargo — our transportation.



Company News

Cargo Solutions Ltd ევროპის ყველაზე …

2020 წელს SMARTLOGISTIC Logistics-მა ევროპის ყველაზე ტვირთგამტარ ქვეყანაში, ბულგარეთში გახსნა თანამედროვე,ყველა საჭირო ინვენტარით აღჭურვილი საწყობი, რამაც მოგვცა საშვალება, ევროპის ქვეყნებიდან საქართველოს მიმართულებით შერეული (გრუპაჟული) ტვირთების ტრანსპორტირება ბევრად შერავათიანი ფასებით შეძლოს. ასევე მან მოგვცა შესაძლებლობა ტვირთები ბევრად უფრო სწრაფად და დაზღვეულად მივაწოდოთ ჩვენს ერთგულ თუ ახალ მომხმარებელს.

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