How We Started

In 2012, the postal-courier company “Business Express” was established, which still successfully operates in the Georgian market. In 2017, Business Express expanded its vision and business plans, and based on it, International Business Express (Cargo Solutions Ltd) was established, with which it successfully continues its services and now offers services internationally.

How We Started

Cargo Solutions Ltd has become a member of the International Transport Association JcTrans Network, GCP (Global Credit Pass), which enables the company to provide comprehensive services to our customers from 165 countries, 586 cities around the world.

New Technologies

By the end of 2019, Cargo Solutions Ltd has enriched the fleet, adding private trucks that are continuously transporting full and mixed cargo to the Caucasus region.

Cargo Solutions Ltd Warehousing service In Europe

In 2020, Cargo Solutions Ltd opened a warehouse in Bulgaria, one of the busiest countries in Europe, equipped with all the necessary inventory, which allowed us to transport mixed (groupage) cargo from European countries to Georgia with lower prices. He also gave us the opportunity to deliver cargo much faster and more securely to our […]

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